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Country Doc

Hi Chris,

I hate to disagree with you, but if one considers the midicinal qualities to be found in wine or grape juice from the standpoint of molecular micro-biology you will find that both contain the exact same midicinal qualities. Simply put fresh grape juice and fermented wine produce the same midicinal effects.

There is another interesting fact to be learned from micro-biology. I’m sure you remember the mentioning of new wineskins as well as old wineskins in the New Testament. I’m also sure you must remember that there was no refrigeration in Bible times. When “new wine” was stored in old wineskins, the “new wine” became fermented because of a bacteria that formes in old containers that have not been refrigerated or thourghly disinfected.

As for God not creating anything that is sinful in and of itself you are quite correct. However, both in biblical times as well as today, fermented wine is not produced directly from the source, a grape vine. Then, and now, it takes some kind of man’s intervention to produce a fermented drink. Then, it was quite often the unintentional use of old wineskins, as well as the intended vintage of the grape juice. Today there are alcoholic beverages produced by both methods still. Neither was/is planed by God.

You are also correct that Satan has never created anything. However Satan has preverted almost everything that God created. In this case grape juice, by using the fermintation process.

What I have offed here, as well as in my previous post, is simply a result of clinical research. If secular research validates the points made, is it not reasonable to draw biblical principles from the established facts when combined with all biblical refferences made to wine?

Respectfully, your friend and brother in Christ,


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