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Chris Medway

tjogs (riz):

Ok I disagree that. What I have heard from wine description (that Jesus drank) its diffrent than wine nowdays. Its non alcoholic and that’s why he did not drink alcohol nor gave it to guests.

This just has to be wrongheaded thinking. Wine is wine, wine is alcoholic, grape juice is unfermented, unfermented grape juice is not wine. New Wine which is sometimes referred to was definitely alcoholic, it was wine that had not yet finished the maturation process and was rough and unfinished. It was cheaper and was therefore often served after the guests had lost their palate after consuming good wine to start with. Jesus made and drank wine not juice. This is a most fundamental and straightforward matter of translation of the Biblical text. There was no non alcoholic wine whatever available anywhere during the lifetime of Jesus. There was no way in those days of removing alcohol from the wine once it had fermented. There was also no way of stopping the grape juice stored in wine-skins from fermenting, it was a natural process. The effects of wine were well known and there was no prohibition in Jesus day except for Nazirites like John the Baptist who only ever drank water because he had taken a personal vow to abstain from alcohol, a vow Jesus expressly indicates in scripture Jesus had not taken himself. Jesus by his own comparison on the other hand came both eating without restriction and drinking wine, (not just grape juice).

CountryDoc: God’s issue with alcohol is clear, and it always has been. Alcohol is unholy and unclean.

The above statement is both untrue and unscriptural. Alcohol is a natural product and all things come from God. God does not make unclean products and anyway Christ has declared all things clean under the New Covenant in his blood, (which incidently is symbolized by wine not unfermented grapejuice). Unfermented grape juice has little or no healing properties but wine has. Luke 10:34

Satan has never created anything but death and destruction. He certainly has not created alcohol, God did. However God also created arsenic and carbolic acid and he does not expect us to thoughtlessly and stupidly drink them.

Wine, (alcohol) is both warned against and recommended in scripture, which is an indication that it’s consumption should always be undertaken with caution and over indulgence is foolishness. Foolishness is a sin and should therefore be avoided.

Statistically there are more alcoholics who had totally abstaining parents than there are who had alcoholic parents. Most alcoholics had parents who had an extreme attitude towards alcohol, (either teetotal or overindulgent).

Most moderate drinkers have moderate drinking parents.

I think the reasons for these statistics should be obvious.

“Bring up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”. Demonstrate an example of moderation and your children will in all probability also be moderate. Adopt extremes and expect your children to either adopt extremes also or rebel altogether judging double standards or hypocrisy if extreme positions happened to be compromised.

REgards Chris.

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