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Rahlin ;

You wrote:I do not think its an issue if Christians drink. I often will have a beer or two. I do think its an issue when it gets out of hand. Its like money or anything else in that regard. God must remain central.

I agree. Jesus drank alcohol in moderation and made it for others to drink also in moderation but the quantity he produced at Cana in Galilee at the wedding was a copious amount for all. Therefore I deduce from this that Jesus (and God), are generously liberal about what we eat and drink. They do not make restrictions on food and drink but they do expect responsible behaviour from US who eat and drink it.

Nothing that God has made to eat and drink is ‘sinful’. Some things are unwise to eat and drink at all. Other things should be eaten or drunk sparingly and sensibly or even avoided altogether. Our Spirit and our bodies, (if we take notice of them), will tell us what those things are and in what measure they should be controlled or completely avoided.

I particularly like your point about our attitude to alcohol being like our attitude to money. Money is not ‘sinful’, it is just money. But THE LOVE OF MONEY is the root of evil. The Apostles and Jesus never suggested that we should avoid money completely. Neither is there any injunction in scripture to avoid alcohol completely, but there are many warnings against drunkenness and many warnings against greed and gluttony.

It is a great mistake to concentrate on things and avoid them because you think them to be ‘sinful’. Sin is not about what goes into your body, (though if you are careless what you eat and drink you will certainly suffer the consequences of your carelessness). Sin is about what comes out of our body in words and deeds driven by unclean thoughts from within.

Alcohol reduces inhibition and lowers self awareness and self control. If your heart is not a clean place and you harbour dark and unclean thoughts and emotions, that you can’t control and are ashamed of, then don’t drink. But if wine or beer gladdens your heart, makes you more open and honest, friendly and conversational, I can see no reason why a glass or two will do you harm, as long as your heart is pure. If you are a joyful person, alcohol will make you happier. If you are a miserable person, it will make you unhappier. Either way it’s effects depend on what you are already like inside.

truefreedom : You wrote

When my young son was injured and needed to go to the hospital, I was useless to help him. I had to call & have my sister take him to the emergency for me

This is a very good point. Even very little alcohol can impair judgement, (in the UK there are quite strict drink driving laws). Anything in excess of one and a half pints of beer or a 75ml glass of wine is enough. One does not need to be even ‘drunk’ to be ‘over the limit’ and therefore committing a driving offence if in charge of a road vehicle. But it’s not the alcohol intake itself that is sinful, it is the irresponsibility of driving the car after drinking too much that is sinful.

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