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riz naz

I agree that. Its NOT sin how much we drink alcohol. Doc said some good points against that opinion but how about if I have to take medicines that impairs me temporary (like alcohol may do) is that sin too? What I think too the most important is our responsibility and actions. What we do or don’t do after drinkin (or taking medicines). If we have to be sharp, and then fail it because we are useless because we have taken alcohol its right that we shouldn’t have taken alcohol. Same goes for the purpose why we are drinking. Do we drink because it make us feel better (emotionally) or for some medical reason? Is it for politeness or because everybody other drinks too? We have to be aware of why we are drinking and if the reason is acceptable how much we can take that we don’t bring shame on anybody, including ourselves and God.

Some here mentioned that Jesus did drink wine (with alcohol). I remember someone mentioned when he turned water to Wine in Cana. Ok I disagree that. What I have heard from wine description (that Jesus drank) its diffrent than wine nowdays. Its non alcoholic and that’s why he did not drink alcohol nor gave it to guests.

I don’t drink because I don’t like the taste of alcohol. But If I would take I wouldn’t take more than I could handle. God gave me freedom to choose how I live and how clean I keep myself. And taking alcohol right amount in right condition and time doesn’t make us unclean.

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