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Country Doc

Hi Howard,

Here is the post I referred to earlier in this thread. I will only make two additional comments. First, everytime someone consumed alcohol in the Bible there were most unfortunate problems that followed. Second, If God used a different standard for different people then Satan’s accusations that God is unfair would be true.



This thread has covered quite a spread of ideas, opinions, statements, medical advice, bibical text and thier interpititations, indications of studying bibical history and even bibical language translation! It has even been suggested that what may be wrong for some may be OK for others! WOW!!!

At the risk of offending anyone who has posted here I must say that “there is somthing wrong with this picture”!!

Before addressing the topic at hand let me say that I do not intend to address each thought, belife, interpitation or pratice mentioned nor will I give additional bibical text. Rather I’m going to share some ways that each can evaluate there own position and arrive at thier own conclusions.

Too often, when there seems to be instruction on any topic that is not spelled out step by step, Christians forget the statment given, “study to show thyself approved”. To study for ourselves means not only to read the Word but to use a very important God given ability to help us apply the instruction given. It is the ability to use logic. When study of the Word is used with logic, reason, and some current facts, each should be able to draw correct conclusions about any subject not just the topic of this thread.

In understanding the instruction given on this topic, drinking, we first need to use some current facts followed by some bibical “facts”. With said facts in hand we can use logic about God’s fairness, truthfulness, and the principals that should be used when applying all of the instructions given on any subject or topic. I might also suggest that the further study of bibical history as well as secular history may prove to be of futher help in understang actual practices and langueges as well as the total concepts and meanings of each text given previously.

Current secular/medical facts:

Alcohol impairs brain function. Alcohol impairs our ability to use logic and reason. According to current studies consumption of even a single alcoholic beverage is enough to produce measureable brain impairment. More people are killed on our highways due to alcohol related accidents than all other traffic accidents combined. The number of homicides commited while under the influence are more than double those commited when there is no alcohol involved. The vast majority of all child abuse and spouseal abuse involves alcohol. “No”, not one, single addiction can be started without a “first time” action.(ie. taking a first drink) A book could be written about the social, moral, and medical reasons for not using alcoholic beverages of any kind therefore I will stop here.

Bibical and Christian facts and principals:

God gave man a brain. There are two main functions intended for the use of that brain. The first use of our brain, the mind, is to communicate with our creator. ANY impairment of our brain power impairs our ability to comunicate with our Creator.

With our brain man was given the the power of choice. To make “good” choices we need to use logic and reason which is what puts…” man above the animals” and why God gave man dominion over all of His creation. God has never given anything that of itself is addicting to His children. He has never blesed anything that is self addictive. In todays Christian world any addiction is considered a sin. Anything {action} that may produce sinful behavior is not of God but is of Satan. God does not cause or condone sin. Any addictive behavior will produce sin. By studying the true charector and nature of God we, as Christians, can establish that God is fair and does not use different standards for different people. He is truthful. Close study does not find contardiction in all the Bible. What God gives He never takes away. His Word is truth.

The knowledge of the above “facts” and principals, coupled with a complete faith/dependancy in/on God the Father, gave Jesus Christ the ability to live a perfect life while here on earth. His every thought, action, statement or question was based in logic and reason.

So I now ask each poster to this thread as Christians to follow the example of Jesus Christ and draw your own conclusions and answers to the question. IS DRINKING A SIN?


Respectfuly, your brother in Christ,


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