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Like it has been said, “our body is the temple of the holy spirit, and we should not defile the place where the Lord our God does dwell.

when I lived in he world i drank, but now that i belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, I drink nothing stronger than coffee. Why?

because what Jesus has given me, i treasure it with all my heart and soul, and just like i wouldn’t want anyone to come in and mess up the place where i have to live, i feel the same way about the place where Jesus lives in me. there is already enough going on inside me, that Jesus has to clean up and out, so why add something to it, that does not need to be there.

If you are having a problem with it, ask Him and he’ll remove the very thought about it from your mind, and the very taste for it from your mouth. He will do it, because he did it for me.

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