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Susie A

I live with my sister now, who has paid quite a sum for the dating service she belongs to. One of the men she was matched with seemed to be a good christian. He belongs to his church choir, plays christian music in his car, and was quite the gentleman. We liked him. Then on their 3rd date, he took her to a strip club, and was not only drinking & watching the dancers up on stage, but actuully went up close to the stage, and tipped the dancer. My sister didn’t say anything to him, but when he dropped her off, she looked at me and said “He’s a christian? That’s the last date I’ll have with HIM!”

Of course, not all christians go to bars and clubs or watch strippers. But everything we do is being watched by others, and emulating what the world does as if it fits in with christianity, is taking the name of the Lord in vain. It mocks His name.

I personally, can have a beer once in awhile, and sometimes a glass of dark wine for the healthy antioxidents. But I choose to not to drink in questionable social circles, because I do not want those who know I am a christian–to become confused or surprised by the action..or to think “oh how cool. Christians can drink”. One time, I became friends with a pastor’s sister. I was upset and hurting one day, and I confided my pain to her. (I was hoping God would use her to minister to me). She said…”let’s get in the car, I know what you need.” She drove out into the desert of Lancaster until we pulled up at a bar. She bought me a drink, and began to choose songs to sing on Karaoke. She urged me to sing also. I refused, because I was not only tripping on the fact that a church representitive took me to a bar to drink–as answer for pain…but how this woman could think that God would want us to “minister” this way. I just couldn’t wait to get home.

I don’t know….maybe a drink or two once in awhile can’t hurt a person….but it does little or nothing for one’s testimony.

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