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riz naz

I think drinking itself isn’t wrong. If I take little wine or stronger, no problem, but what may be problem is how my body and how I act after that. When I was little my parents started to teach me about drinking. They both are christians and they drink sometimes. Still they don’t have any problems with alcohol. When they tought me they gave me some alcohol drinks they KNEW I can stand and NOT more than taste. I belive It wasn’t just their teaching because the result was absolutely perfect. to the age of 18 I had learnt to dislike alcohol. I can drink it if I really like, but I don’t drink even wine because I have learnt I don’t like it nor stand it very much.

It is said that alcohol is drink of wise. You can drink it but you should know what it makes to you. Also like said before you should also know when and where you drink.

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