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I myself do not drink any longer, although I did, and was cured of my addiction to alcohol, by the Great Healer. Since I had a problem with alcohol in the past, and by Jesus’s Blood, my conviction and His Forgiveness I have been healed of this sin and physical dependence, why would I ever take another drink. It’s like thanks doctor for the new heart, that I destroyed through smoking, but i think ill keep on smoking since this ones brand new and working just fine. However my experience with alcohol although shared by many, is not shared by the majority, christian or otherwise. I agree that all of the statemnts in this thread hold Truths. So Let us look at “what Jesus would do” or even better what He did in the Gospel. What was His first reported Miracle? Did it not involve alcohol…eat this bread, it is My, body…Drink this wine for it is My blood. I dont think it was symbolic grape juice the disciples were drinking.

But where really is our Faith? Do we not believe the Holy Ghost will direct us, the bible teach us and God Love us enough to show us all how we need act according to alcohol?

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