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Quote: “I don’t cry out of Joy…..you see I’m not an emotional human being…I only cry if something bad really happens…….now when I go to church I see people praising the Lord and crying giving him thanks for everything that they have….is it bad not to cry when giving thanks to the Lord…..i feel bad at times….. ”

Please say this prayer:

ost Heavenly Father, I wish to share in your joy. Please lead me down a path where I can grow spiritually and become more like you. I place your needs above mine and profess my unrestricted love for you. Please fill me with your spirit that I may feel your joy and hear your spiritual voice. I give my entire being to you for your holy use. Thank You in advance for making me into a spiritual Christian. I pray this in the Name of Jesus, to The Father, AMEN!!

When you praise Him, start telling him how you love Him and praise him for his love, kindness, goodness and mercy. When you reach a spiritual realm where his priorities and needs are also yours, your tears of joy will actually be his tears of joy. Also, Your prayers will be his prayers. Grow spiritually and you can receive everything that God has for you.

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