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Hi, praizhim,

I agree with some of the others that some people are simply more emotional, or more easily moved, or moved more intensely than others. To that I would add only one thing. It is a question which you might ask yourself, and one which I offer with no accusations attached. Please read it carefully.

Are you in love with the Lord?

The answer to this question is no one’s business but yours and God’s.

I recall an encounter I had with a priest shortly after I fell in love with the Lord, returning to Him after years as a teenager away from Him. My heart burned with love for Him, and I was eager to interact with others who loved Him. I was in the Army, and my unit was in a forest somewhere in the middle of nowhere. His back was turned to me as I approached him. I believe I had a question about the scriptures which I was seeking help with. I spoke for several seconds and received not even so much as an acknowledgement that I was present. I asked again. When he turned to me, I knew from his demeanor why I was being ignored. This man had no passion for God. His heart was cold. If he had ever loved God, he was no longer in love with Him. Is it because he was a priest? No, I don’t believe it was. With him, the fire had simply gone out. Maybe he still believed, but he didn’t really care. I will never forget him.

Does failure to be moved in a powerful way mean something bad is going on in your heart? Not necessarily. But you can and should know if there is no movement at all. If there is not, and if it were me with an unmoving heart, I know what I would do if I wanted that to change. I would seek God with that heart. I would pray. I would cry out to Him. I mean forcefully. I would ask God to break the ice in which my heart was entombed, and I would be relentless in doing so. Do I sound “holier than thou?” I assure you, I am not. I have, however, dealt with lots of ice in my lifetime. My ice, not someone else’s. I’ve gone from hot to cold, to hot, to warm, and then to very, very cold. I finally learned something. I was over 40 years old and nearing personal disaster before a teenage girl, who was in love with God, broke my heart as I watched her worship the Lord in a church I was visiting, and that not really by choice. You see, I knew what it was to be in love with Him, I had been once, and I had left it behind. In that young girl, I recognized what I had lost. I repented, I sought God with all my heart. I cried out to Him, and fell in love all over again. That was several years ago, and with God’s help, I will never be so foolish as to go back to where I came from. I like being in love, and there is no love like this one. Now, the joy of the Lord is my strength, and that is a wonderful thing.

If you find that you are indeed in love with Him, please pray for me that I would have continued strength, and joy. I don’t want to go back to where I was, ever.


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