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Hey praynsaint,

I have one rhetorical question for you: How can you cry for something you’ve never had to do without?

Why cry for joy when it’s all you’ve ever known?

Your joy has never died, your dreams have never dried up, and you don’t know what it’s like to be the only one who will even give yourself a hug, for a substantial amount of time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely jealous of you in that way. (Not joking, but isn’t it funny? in a grown up sort of way?)

If you’ll take care to notice, many who weep for joy have given birth to one or more people, have been divorced, widowed, or were not married 100% christian. If you get to know them personally, you may find that they are still weaning from anti-depressants and learning to lean on God. And the main thing they all have in common; they weren’t born yesterday. Maybe they are teens, maybe they are older, but they’ve all felt totally abandoned at some point in their life, and have all at some point in their life believed until they could believe no more, and then maybe believed no more for a while, until this season of their life when God is doing something they never believed he would do again= restore their joy.

Does this help?

In Christ,

I’m not really jealous!


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