Diane Barnes

Amen Bird, it’s a ‘battlefield of the mind’…satan can impose thoughts upon us and watch our reaction to try to get an edge but he can not read our minds! You are quite right…we have to recognize and capture the thoughts he sends our way. amen.

Kingskid…love Cindy Jacobs…here is an example of that tool applied!

Praising God under the worst of circumstances was difficult for me to grasp and learn at the very first. My life was so bad, I applied myself to that in a ‘last ditch effort’ but it felt so ‘strange’ and ‘foriegn’ but I did it anyway…Glory to God, it gave my weary soul some breathing room and satan had to take a leave of absence. During that time, I really surrendered to God. I had been under heavy oppression. It was then I saw God quickly move in my life and change stuff in my life that needed it. It opened an effectual door to heaven. My praises to God started to snowball and the more He moved on my broken heart, the more I wanted to sincerely praise Him. It is the best weapon I ever received. Praising God in song. Well anyway…I wrote all about it here on Praize.com in a thread called Singing His High Praises~GG7’s Testimony…if anyone wants to hear a good one! Glory to God! In the PRAISE GODO/ Forum…The blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony…

ha ha ha…take THAT satan…


I’ve seen angels

and I’ve seen demons

heaven or hell

must be a reason

one angel fell

but then one man stood

to fight a battle of heaven and hell

it was understood

His name is Jesus!

and that battle was won

it’s plain to see how he set us free

He is God’s son

His name is Jesus…

He’s the one that freed us

He’s the one that stood up

and you can stand up too

Pick up your sword and follow Him

He’ll fight you battles for you

His name is Jesus

His name is Jesus

He’s the one that frees us…

Diane Barnes (c)2004

here’s a little ‘fruit’ for you!

If ya want to hear it…


take that satan…

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