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Lord i want to thankyou because of this prayer item, father i want to thankyou because of the uncle,his sister,and most of all the little child, God i want to thankyou for blessing that family with a child in Jesus name. God i know you had a purpose for that child, i know you knew and called him to serve you before he was even born and God i thankyou because of that, Father look the child is not as normal as the worldly standards would consider- but God i know his spirit is not sick or in any way disfigured but his spirit is whole, and alive-and so God i know that you know his condition and you really do not look at our physical imperfections before you call us to serve you, God it is because of the love you have for us that makes you call us to serve you- God we are not good but we are loved and forgiven, and so God i ask that that child may not think that you do not love him the way you love the others and that’s why he is the way he is- God creat a zeal to serve you in his heart in Jesus name, make him a person whom people will look at and give glory unto thee, let him be a minister of your gospel God- let him shame satan because of the zeal he will have for what is yours father in Jesus name.

God i speak the blood of Jesus upon Him in Jesus name, i overcome every demonic attack on him by the blood of Jesus, i speak peace,joy,and love upon him in Jesus name, i overcome any bitterness,pain,anger from him in Jesus name,father let Him be a living testimony to the world in Jesus name.

God i pray for the rest of his family adn friends and all he does in Jesus name.

God i pray to yo believeing and trusting.///AMEN

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