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I agree with you. I must admit that my pain has broght me closer to God, but only becuase God’s hands was over all this. There were many times when I wanted to give up, in fact I had given up once because the pain seemed too great, but God mercifully preserved me. One month after that painful incident, doors of opportunity began to open for me to help other hurting hearts, and my life saw a 180 degrees turn. Everything seemed too change right after God granted me the victory. I often wondered: How terrible it is if I would have missed all that if God had allowed me to give up. How much I would have missed.

Sometimes I wished that I wasn’t so emotional. Sometimes I wished that I can put on a everything-is-all-right face like some people. Sometimes I think that being emotional is a weak thing. And yet, like someone once told me through a prophetic word, God has given me the emotions so that I can have a greater empathy for others.

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