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Hi Jasmine chua

There is not much to really add to what you shared because you basicly laid it out very nicely. However here is some of what I am learning in my personal walk with the Lord to be true!

Were all human and to live in a finate body some where in life we will experience pain. Life is unfair at times and it is good that it is other wise we’d all get what we truly deserve. Hell!

Were saved by grace and our lives are no longer our own to do what we disre to do with. Were to fill our our own shoes to be what God designed each of us to be uniquice and very special to Him. We were made to enjoy life too, in spite of trials.

In fact were loved so unconditionaly by our never failing God that in spite of hardship all things are working out to gether for our good.

God alone truly knows His thoughts that He has for us and their to give us a hope for our future and a expected end. Yes we have crosses to bear and thats ok because as we submit to God’s plans in our lives we can remember what David once said surely mercy has followed me all the days of my life. Hey that man has had some bad days due to poor choices and just plainold trials. Yet King David stood apon the promises of God expecting God’s favor to be apon him. God is the same for us too! God is no respecter of persons were all created equaly. He loves us all so much that He gave us Jesus. We can have Jesus in us and all that He wants for us. If a natural parent knows how to give their children a good gift a fish and not a snake, how much more does our heavenly Father know how to give us gifts.

God wants to bless us all so much even in the times of adversity we must trust and hold good attitudes through the enduring of the pain. There is sorrow in the night but joy comes in the morning. We can rest knowing that God has placed a seal a guarentee on us that were champians overcomers. We might hurt but if we take time to pray for others that are hurting we are sowing good seed and God is not mocked we will reap what we sow. Lets plant seeds of hope and trust every where we go and expect God’s best now. Now faith is the confirmation of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen.

One last thought is life in this natural realm is tooshort to worry about the unfairness, lets look at what we have and not at what we dont have.



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