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While it seem’s that God doe’s not feel for us, much of the hurt we experience is caused by our disobedience to him because we are like children who can’t fathom the warning words of their parents.

If we suffer for righteousness sake than count it all joy.

We all need someone to emphathize and sympathize with us and that person is you and me, you will recover more and faster personally if you help people in their hurt’s.

We show the light in a hurting world.

Not many people are willing to help the hurting because it is not a pleasant subject but the result’s are very rewarding.

Jesus did not come for the people who are well but for the sick.

We are the ambassadors for Christ.

Bring Jesus to the world.

There will alway’s be occasion’s to get hurt because we are in a war with the spiritual wickedness in high place’s.

In war people get hurt or killed.

March on Christian soldiers with Jesus as your banner.

Most nation’s are the same because there is no gender or color in the spirit and we all feel similar pain’s even though we might not understand a particular pain, Jesus doe’s, because he is touched by our infirmities and was tempted as we are.

My people have been hurt by sexual abuse, suicides, alcoholism, drug addiction and conjugal violence and many other thing’s that happen to people world wide.

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