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Yes, looking at the hurting world keeps us from falling into the pit of self-pitiness. We have to at all times focus on the finished work of Christ on the Cross. Remember, He was wonded for our iniquities and by His stripes we are healed.

You are right by saying that Jesus had been through the most. He totally understands what we are going through. And while we must not fall into the pit of self-pitiness, we must be carefiul not to fall into another pit–the pit of denial.

One of the devil’s ways of robbing us off our healing is to allow denial to take root. To receive your healing you must first come to a place where you admit that you have been hurt and you need healing. If you are not sick you wont go for a doctor. And that is what Jesus told the Pharisees. One must admit to be hurt to seek the Great Physician. The devil always seeks to deceive us to believe that we are OK and we don’t need healing, when we are actually damaged.

Like I’ve said, this is not a permission to self-pity. Admitting your hurts means coming before God saying that yes, I’m hurt, but I’m going to receive your healing and I will not allow it to affect my life.

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