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Hi Frances,

Thanks for sharing. Yes, many times we simply do not understand why things have to be so tough. For me, I never understood why my sister had to be so sick for years when she was young. I didn’t understand why my parents had to neglect me because of my sister. All I knew at that time was that my parents loved her more than they loved me, and as a matter of fact, the root of rejection began to sink.

Over the years I had learnt to live and cope with pain. I had even tried to imagine living the rest of my life in pain and confusion. Because of the root of rejection, I had a lot of relationship and attitude problems. I was always seeking to please people, had a very poor self image, and was an approval addict. In short, I was a very damaged person.

When God told me that He had allowed all these things to happen for a purpose, it literally shocked me. For a while I wondered if it is possible for God to change my calling I didn’t want to suffer so much for my calling. And yet, God opened my eyes to see how this world is hurting and in need of His love.

And looking at my life now, though young I may be I’ve seen God’s hands over my life. Never once had he allowed me to fall, though I had pretty much given up hope on myself at times. At one point for three years one storm came in after another, and even my friends were wondering what was wrong with me and how I could ever cope with that.

But you see, I would never have been able to minister to other hurting people if I had not been there myself. The difference between the ministry of counselling and other ministries is that you will need to be there yourself to qualify for it. And to me, to see others receiving healing through what I’ve been through is such a blessing. It’s one way of getting back at the devil for all the bruises he had inflicted on me all this while. Now, I totally enjoyed my calling of comforting others with the comfort that I have received.

Frances, you may not understand why such things are happening in your family, and you might not even be able to see how this can turn out for good, but do hang in there. We serve a God of surprises and you’ll never know what He can do through this.

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