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Everyone I want you to give God the Glory for He is the one that has done it all, not me or my family. All I have done along with my family is to give it all to Jesus . To surrender it all to Him and be in obedience to Him. We do need to come to the place where we say Lord no matter how it turns out in the end it is for the best, knowing that the Lord only gives us the perfect gifts ! It is not always easy to accomplish this but it can be done if you ask Him to help you. It is to die completely to self, lets face it none of us want to die or face any struggles in life. That is our will in the flesh but His will is not our will because yes people die, people face adversity no matter if they want to or not. It is always His perfect will that we should pray for not the will of the flesh . Confessing all we want in the flesh will not move God if it is not in His will. Complete surrender trusting in Him will give you the peace you need to overcome !

Sorry I rambled again but as I said I could go on and on with this topic.

Blessings of the Lord be upon each of you ! Amen !


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