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Amen Walt to your post !

The one thing we all have to remember as well is that there is nothing given to anyone of us that the Lord Jesus cannot do something about. Amen !

I will if you don’t mind, write a little of personal experience . Now some of this my dear friends here know and other do not.

Right now in my home my husband is fighting terminal kidney cancer. I also have a son who has some learning disabilities. Now I do not tell you this for sympathy but rather to make a clear view here in these hurts and how nothing is wasted by God.

You see my son has opened my heart in a new way to loved the more intellectually challenged . I was very ignorant towards some of these people before my son was born. I now know that the body is only the outer shell of a person and there is so much more to an individual. Most of these challenged people have something many refuse to see and that is the truest and purest hearts. My son has touched our lives so profoundly and not only ours but those he has been in contact with. Most though want to push him aside and not see the person that he truly is. I have seen him reach out to others in a way that no one else can. At school he has reached out in friendship to another boy who has a severe case of Autism. The two of them have established a form of communication through hand movements and sounds that we can not understand but they do. So you see the Lord has used my son who has a few delays in learning to reach out to this other child who is in a world of his own and is drawing this other child out into this world just a little . God has a purpose in many things we miss because we are busy looking at our hurts to see the wondrous work of the Lord at hand.

Now in my husbands case , this terrible curse has also reached many people. Christian and non Christian alike. You see each day my husband goes out into this world he is a witness of Gods glory. You see the medical profession had determined 2 yrs ago that he would no longer be with us, but God has shown even them that He is Lord. I know my husband has shown our family doctor that no matter what is on the report we don’t have to bow down to it. Yes you have to accept what can be seen and determined on test reports but more importantly is to accept it but then turn it over to the Lord Jesus ! Our family doctor now goes on regular speaking engagements telling other colleagues of this rare case . The doctor at this point can not even tell us what to expect really at this point because he has never had anyone live this long with kidney cancer at the stage it is now at . The doc keeps telling my husband he is amazing but my husbands reply is always the same ” It’s not me it’s God ! ” This doctors life has been changed. Other non christian friends are now seeing the powerful reasons to turn their lives to the Lord as well. People that we thought had long forgotten us has called us. One friend that we thought had forgotten called and told us that he too now lives for the Lord. God is doing such a wondrous work that if we just looked at our own hurts we would be blinded to see.

Now I am sorry if I went off the topic a little here but I want to demonstrate to you that yes we have hurts but the thing is to always keep your focus on the Lord Jesus the Christ. Reach out rather than reach in. There is a very important message in what God has said when He said die to self ! When you die to self and reach out to others you gain life and more abundantly ! I do not mean in a material way, you get to see the life that Christ Himself died for us to have and to see Him at work through us in the Holy Spirit. Through our own pain we can with Christ Jesus reach out and help others to see His Glory, His Mercy and His Grace ! Amen !

I encourage everyone that is hurting right now to reach out to someone else that has a hurt ! In doing so you will minister to them and receive healing yourself ! Yes things can get you down but when you feel down do yourself a favor and look up and cry out to Jesus ! Ask Him to send you someone that is hurting so you can reach out and help them rather than remain focused on your own hurt. I tell you there is HEALING in this !

I will end this now cause I could go on and on with this topic ! There is so much in what I have learned through pain and suffering but I give the Glory to Jesus for showing me even through adversity He Lives ! Amen !

Blessings to Everyone in Christ Jesus !


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