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Dan Brazeau

Yes, it is very good to sometimes stop and take a look around our hurting world. Little hurts, big hurts…they’re all around us. Road rage or an insult all the way to war, Katrina, and tsunamis. But it is oh so true that good can always come from hurt. Katrina is a perfect example.

In the face of all hurts I have learned one very valuable lesson and periodically feel obligated to watch it first hand in The Passion of the Christ…Jesus suffered far more hurt from this world than any of us can ever imagine. The radicalness of His decision to voluntarily take all of the hurts of the world upon Himself…well remembering His ultimate sacrifice for my salvation takes my hurts and makes them look ridiculously small by comparison.

We are an imperfect people living in an imperfect world influenced by much evil. Jesus is the only Way to put this hurting world into perspective, and He alone will be the armor we need to deflect the results of our imperfection. For God so loved the world…

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