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While there are times when we’ve made mistakes and have brought the pain upon ourselves, many times things happened because God allowed it to happen.

Whatever it is, we must always remember that God will work all things together for good because we love Him and are called according to His purposes (Romans 8:28). No matter how many or how severe your mistakes are, God can still work them out for good, but only if you will surrender all to Him. The devil always deceives us to believe that we’re too messed up to be made whole again, but that is a lie.

On how we can have victory, the word of God says in Romans that we are more than overcomers through Christ. I believe that our attitude in the midst of storms will greatly determine how fast we can get out of the fire. We all need to learn how to respond correctly. Many times we just moan and wail when things go wrong, but do take some time to pause and think why all this is happening. Try spending time with God instead and you’ll see things change.

I’ve written two articles, “when the storm rages” and “Turning your mess into a message” which I find quite relevant to this topic. Let me know if you want to have them.

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