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Praise God Sussie, Thankyou for this prayer request, since you are the one that can reach your friend, go to Him and let Him know the following, let Him know that JEsus loves Him so much and He died for Him, let Him know that Jesus does not care whether he is HIV positive or what and he wants to save him from hell, preach the gospel to him with love and let him know that he is loved by the creator of the whole universe.

Lets now pray.

Father i love you, i thank you and i worship you, oh God, i thankyou for the love you have for sussie’s friend, and i want to thank you for sussie who has brought this issue that we may pray for it- Thank you Jesus for you died for our sins and all who believe in you you save from Hell- and so father i ask you to save Sussie’s friend in Jesus name- Lord soften his heart that he may understand your love for him, i know he may be angry and bitter because of his sickness but father that is nothing compared to the suufering that is in hell- and so lord in Jesus name i cammand that the spirit of regret,resentment,hate,bitterness leave him now in Jesus mighty name and that he may be saved adn live in Joy adn freedom that comes from you LORD, amy he find the peace,life,joy,and may his life be an example to all others who are living in promiscuity that they may see the results and turn to you for forgiveness that they be saved and father it is all going be to your glory.

Lord i pray that ypu may give sussie confidence and boldness to speak your Gospel to her friend b4 it is too late, father equip her with the tools she will need to speak to her friend in boldness and love in Jesus name.

LORD i speak the blood of Jesus on both of them plus there families.

Jesus i pray to you believing and trusting …Amen

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