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jae dubluahr

so are you saying that policemen, judge and jury should not be appointed by men to go out and arrest, capture, jail, punish by death criminals, serial killers, etc?

are you saying that you give up your right as a citizen of America to call for the police if someone robs you, beats you up, abducts your loved one, or tries to kill you, shoots you?

that is what you are saying if you dont think its right for someone God has anointed to deal with an evil person or group of evil people.

so why does God include family members who may or may not have had their part in the evil that Amalek did? first of all. they could take revenge against Israel so just killing Amalek isnt enough.

dont think that it couldnt happen we see revenge happen all the time when one evil man is dealt with someone else pops up to continue the terror.

and dont tell me that you wouldnt appreciate that the police get every last one of those killers especially if they have some twisted personal vendetta against you.

your arguement that you dont like God because He is on the side of justice exercising his right to protect those whom he is in covenant with.. means nothing when we put you in the picture as the one being attacked by some crazed killer. heck you’d probably cry foul when someone drives ahead of you in the traffic lane.

i have no doubt that you are probably among those who also complains because God allows evil in the world.

by the way.. you forgot to include the following verses in that quote.

“Saul said to the Kenites, Go depart from among the Amelekites, lest i destroy you with them; for you showed kindness to all the sons of Israel when they came up from Egypt.”

God recognizes those who treat people right. because He is a righteous God.

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