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I still need prayers desperately.

I have to renew my isp at the end of this month, and I don’t have the money.

Last year when I was without my computer for 2 months, I about went crazy. Too, all the msn groups I’m in, I post devotionals daily and people were missing them.

My room mate refuses to help me any kind of way financially, but am still praying for her.

I thought this room mate was a christian, but I know of no christian who says H instead of hell, but doesn’t think twice in saying what the letters GD stands for.

If she can stay off the phone long enough this afternoon, I’m gonna have a long talk with her cause she really is rubbing me the wrong way.

Whenever I try to talk, she’s always interrupting. And I already mentioned the bad language. Whenever she actually says GD, it’s like I’m being stabbed in the heart or something.

And she may not mean to do it, but sometimes her voice has the most sarcastic tone in it, but I don’t hear her doing that when she’s on the phone with one of her friends.

Please pray for me cause I’m gonna bring all this up this afternoon. IF she lets me get a word in edgewise that is, lol. But, that’s the first thing I’m gonna bring up.

I do sew, so I’m gonna ask her if I can make her something that she would buy from me. I havea lot of material.

anyways, it will just make my depression worse if I can’t be online. I know, I’m addicted, but mostly addicted to spreading His Word and helpiing others grow in Him as I help myself too.

That’s why I want to get the puzzles started so badly and probably why the Spirit’s urging me on about it too.

Please feel free to pass this request on to other prayer groups. I need it so badly.

Thanks and God bless!

In His Love,


PS: There is a christian I know that owes me $60 and has it to give to me, but refuses to do so. Hmmm …

Is it me, or is the enemy attacking me big time here? He has been ever since I started working on the puzzles again when I was still at my last ‘real’ job’.

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