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Please pray for me, my mother died on Feb. 8th and am still working through some emotional issues apparently. Well, there was a good friend of my mom’s that kind of befriended me, she has been like a seregent mom,now, she wants her space, for some reason that really does not go well with me. Anyway, before and since then, I have been cutting myself, its like I want the pain on the outside to hurt as much as the inside. Only thing is, it doesn’t work, it only makes you feel worse inside. I know the power of prayer, b/c I have seen the Lord move in my own life. I am saved, been saved since I was 16 and been “Baptized in the Holy Spirit” for about 4 years now. I have thought about many different ways to end my life so I can be with mom, but none of them have worked so far, thats how I know that God has something planned for my life. But, I want to….I want to end my life, but I can’t…please pray.

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