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Hello Norb,

Welcome to Hopefully you are already finding it a wonderful experience. If you haven’t already done so make sure you download PraizeIM and take the tutorial, it is another great way to connect with other Christian people. You will also find may different clubs with many interests and it is another way to meet new people. There is also Praize Tour to check out to show other areas of interest on Praize. God bless you and your family and once again Welcome to


Dear Heavenly Father, I meet and agree with Norb for this request for his family. Lord thank You for blessing them with this new baby, may the rest of the pregnancy go smoothly with mom and baby, may delivery go without incident. Praise You God for this loving Christian husband, may he be all You wish him to be as a husband and parent but most importantly as Your child. Bless and keep them in Your loving arms especially during this miraculous time. Lord I ask You to grant them provision during all of this time. Give their creditors patience with their debts, believing that their word is good for compensation in the months ahead when things get more financially stable. Meet their banking needs with credible Christian banking workers that can meet the needs of these businesses that You are blessing. Lord may this family find a bible believing church to become involved in and by doing so may they also find other Christians to come alongside of them to lift them up, support them, and carry them as necessary. May they get into Your word Lord, on their own and with a bible study home group. May they find fellowship with other Christians that will help them grow more knowledgable of You and also to give You glory, honor and praise. In all this Lord I thank You for answering their prayers. Amen

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