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Dear Sisters and brothers in Christ,

Please help me as I am very lost and searching for answers. I am in the midst of the breakup of my marriage, and while I truly believe that this is against God’s will, I am powerless to change this. My wife Angela has moved out with our two daughters and is seeking a legal separation followed by a divorce. She has been puruing a relationship with another man.

I am asking for prayer that GOD’s will be revealed to me for my walk with HIM, am I to keep trying to save my marriage, will GOD intervene, do I let it go and move on with my life, I am praying for revealation as to GODs plan and purpose for me as a man, husband and father. Where and what does GOD want and require of me.

Please pray for the healing of both my wife Angela’s and my emotions,fears, anxieties,hope, faith and love of GOD and each other, pray for GOD to reveal HIS truth to us, for GOD to to direct our hearts, minds and souls to bring about HIS glory.

Pray that HE would reveal to me HIS will, HIS purpose and what HE wants me do. I am trusting in the LORD for the healing of my marriage, that HE will bring us back from separation and fear, hopelessness, anxiety, selfishness, to a spirit of Loving trust, Hope and Faithfulness in HIM and in each other. TO HIM be the GLORY, POWER and HONOR. Please if you find it in your hearts ask for GOD’s direction in this for me, for there to be a sign of what is to become, a clear direction. I am so afraid that the small voice in my head and heart telling me that my marriage will be healed and restored is just that a small voice in my head and heart, and not GOD. I truly want to do what is HIS will and not mine, if it is HIS will for this marriage to end then please let HIM make it clear to me, if it is HIS will to restore, heal this marriage please pray that HE would reveal this to me clearly with power.

Love in Christ,


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