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My heart goes out to this woman. My husband says that their have been times when other people have recovered from illnesses such as what Terry Schiavo’s is going through now! And to pull the feeding tube now, would be robbing her of that chance – No matter how long it takes! Plus, she is still very young – not old & fragile, at all! She has the right to live! Not only is it the free given right by The Almighty GOD, but also given to us by law in a Country Standing for Freedom. Taking the feeding tubes away is, very unfair & is considered murder in the eyes of Our All Mighty Father! I have watched this women & though she may be unable to move or think, it is obviously she knows who we are – whether or not we are family. She knows HOW TO RESPOND! I ask you, with a loving heart, PLEASE, Help stop this, by taking a stand for her, be her voice and her cry for help. It is the Devil that welcomes death but The Almighty GOD wants us to live. Ezekiel 18:31, 33:11 Please, say a prayer for her. I know if I was in her shoes, I would be hoping that there would be people kind enough to at least say a prayer for me.

For The Almighty GOD, also said that HE wants the wicked to turn away from their bad ways, so that they too, could live forever. Then of-coarse, wouldn’t that message be meant for us all! Pray I ask, pray – time is running out for her! *genesis!



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