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Diana Jarvis

I need prayers for God to Remove any lying thoughts of the enemy and to give Rocky Jarvis the mind of christ ,also For God to give him Godly people he can turn to that will speak words of wisdom and not just say what he wants them to say , he has a sister Glenna and mom Dorma that speaks bad of me and when he talks to them he then gets off the phone and becomes angry and mean towards me again .I pray for god to give them the mind of christ also. & I pray for God to help bless Rocky’s sexuality and affection towards me in this marriage and make it all that God intended it to be . God says our body is to be used to comfort and complete the other person I pray God will do what ever it takes to soften Rocky heart to show that affection and sexuality ,not in the worlds way but, in Gods way ,the way God intended that the husband render due affection to his wife. I pray that God will turn Rocky desire for affection towards me and not another I pray that are love for one another will grow stronger everyday . And I will give God the glory for each and every change I see in our marriage . Join me all you prayer warriors out there ….God bless all who will pray with me for this transformation in Rocky , Love Diana

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