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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, With all the talk of Halloween this Friday and who is or isn’t doing anything, I’d like to express a prayer request for what we are doing at our church. For the past several years we’ve had a Karnival at church but it has way outgrown the creativity and attendance of all. So with that our kids committee went on the hunt to find a bigger location. They were greatly greeted last year by our local ShopKo mall. They supplied several vacant store fronts for games, an absolutely awesome maze in 2 stores, a huge store for all the games, a Christian fall make a craft area, a stage area for our Christian illusionist and his family and other resource areas. We had an absolutely packed house and our city virtually had very few children on the streets. But along with that we also know that satan was trying to work in our midst. We had people praying to safeguard all involved and knew that darkness was trying to creep in the whole week of preparation before the event. Well this year we again are going “back to the mall.” They wholeheartedly invited us to come back and it will be even better with additional venues. We are using this event to turn it into a Christian happening!!!! We have dedicated people involved, more than I even know to give you a count. I ask for prayer for the main organizers for stamina in all the planning that has gone on and now working on meeting their goals for setup. I ask for those working the stands, mazes, games, praying, food, runners, and of course the children and their families. I ask God to come against satan and those he has a hold on, to crush them and make the scales fall off their eyes and come to know that He is Lord. I especially ask that many doors to God may be opened by this bridging event. We aren’t going to make this holiday go away however we can turn it towards HIM!!!!! Thank you in advance for your prayers. Mark your calendar for Oct 31st 4-8pm CDT for concentrated prayer if you are interested. It would be greatly appreciated.

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