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Tiffany Clem

Hi.. This time I’m praying for my friend Ashley. Ashley has gone thru so much since she’s moved. She’s been cutting herself and has always been suicidal. Now I have never comtemplated thoughts of suicide or self mutalation I just dont hurt myself because I’m hurting I dont believe that solves your problems and all it seems to is just make them ten times worse. Ashley told me she had been bugging a guy for drugs and alcohol this isnt the ashley I know. I just pray for this..

Dear God.. Please help Ashley I know she may not want it but she needs it. She’s such a good person and I love her she is like a sister to I can talk to her about ANYTHING and I would hate for her to end her life over hardship and pain. Please protect her and fill her with the love only you can provide. I so fear that one day I will wake up and Ashley wont be there and I would never forgive myself If I lost her. She is a wonderful caring beautiful person. I also ask you to somehow help me to get thru to her that life is worth living. I ask you all here at Praize to please please pray for Ashley she is so dear to me and w/o her I dont think I’d be half the person I think I am. Please Lord she’s so great make her see that. Fill her w/ your holy spirit. Thank you.



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