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I came to this forum several times over the past 18 or so months, and asked for prayers for my family. We went through some hard times…a divorce has now occurred…and my children and I are working through starting new lives as a result of it. Their father is remarried (to the woman he had the affair with) and obviously both of the kids are very troubled by her presence in his life and theirs.

Last night my daughter came to me with some issues that had been hanging over her, and admitted that her relationship with God had fallen by the wayside. I ask for prayers for her. She is 17…a GREAT kid, someone I am very proud of, but I know she is dealing with a lot of struggles right now. Please pray for strength for her to deal with some issues.

My son is 13…and a typical teenage boy…please pray for guidance and strength for him.

We’re all getting ready to move, I sold the house yesterday…they are looking forward to the move and a fresh start.

God has been very good to me. He has been very good to us. I ask for prayers for my children…I want to keep them going in the right direction despite the things they’ve been through!

Thank you.


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