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Dear E.C.,

My heart goes out to you in separation from your loved one. I know what that is like.

However, I hope you won’t be offended if I make a suggestion to you? Jesus wants to be your all in all. He wants no other gods or idols before Him. I suggest that instead of praying for a closeness to your worldly love interest, that you pray for a closeness to Him who loves you more and is near by. He wants to be your first love, and only through Him can you learn what love really is and how to love another.

Perhaps Jesus wants to take this opportunity to teach you love, and in His good time he will bring the man of your dreams, when you are both ready to be together.

Jesus, I pray that E.C. would turn to you to seek your face. Teach her your love and that you want to fill her life in all the lonely places. Thank you for answering our prayers according to your perfect will for her life. I pray in your name. Amen.

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