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Diane Barnes

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I send out a S.O.S. for prayer. I got a call about how abuse is taking place inside the rescue mission. It was stated that the “caretakers” are kicking them while they are down. They swear at them, steal their belongings and exercise their power over them in an abusive manner. They have been threatened if anyone speaks out about it they will be thrown out in the streets…even if they have small children! All of them have broken free from the hell they once lived in and wound up at the rescue mission needing help. They were battered and homeless when they arrived. Now they are faced with the same kind of treatment from the very ones who were put in place to help them. Everyone who eats there have become sick and beaten down even more.

The person that heads up the caretakers has been a party to this as well. So, this is big. We have all been fasting and praying for days and will once again take God’s light into that dark place this morning. My heart is heavy. So many times I sensed something strange and wrong was going on. It has nagged at me. But no proof until now because no one was talking. We have been teaching them about God’s love and delivering power. We went in a few weeks ago and washed their feet and since then, all hell has broken loose in there. With them and in our own lives personally. The workers who once welcomed our group now hang around and keep a wary eye on us. We would like to be able to remain there to minister to them. They love us and God has given us favor with them. I truly want to see these women made whole. We have seen many breakthroughs and salvation. Alot of groups go there to minister. We are the only group that has been able to help them at all. We go in under God’s power. And now this. I know God is able to rescue them himself. They need real hope. They don’t deserve this! Jesus came to open the prison doors and set the captives free….please stand with us in prayer. We desire to see God’s will be done in this terrible, sickening situation. We are praying for God’s wisdom in knowing how to handle this.

God bless you in advance,

In His Name, Diane/GG7

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