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tracy sonia

Please pray for me. I need a way out of a bad situation I have done to myself and my grandparents. I started sending off credit cards in my grandmothers name and they sent them to me and I racked up over 30000 dollars in debt now. My grandparents, God bless them, dont want to tell anyone because they dont want me to go to jail. I will go to jail if thats what God wants. I will do anything, just to have the creditors stop calling my grandparents and help me get out of this debt (how to pay it). I am willing to do anything I just need to know where to begin and I think I have figured out that God is where I need to begin. My grandparents think I hate them because I never come around or call but its because I am SO ASHAMED of what I have done. Please pray God to forgive me, to let my grandparents know that I love them, and to show me the way to get out. Thank you so much.

Tracy Sonia

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