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Hi everyone..

I’m really confused.. I think I need advice more than prayer.. (Although, I do need prayer for God’s guidance..) Anyways, It’s about an old flame.. About 3 years ago I was dating this really awesome guy. At least I thought he was awesome.. But then he started cheating on me, even two timing. I was left in the dark till the last month of the relationship. When I heard through the grapevine he was cheating yet again, I ended the relationship. Oh and guess what? 3 months after I broke it off, he got engaged to some other girl he only knew for 3 months.

So anyways, I had not heard from him at all for 1 year and a half. Three weeks ago just out of the blue, he showed up at my work. I was so surprised that my eyes popped out of my head. -(Well almost.) I was like um.. how did you know I worked here? He said his sister told me that she saw me working and she told him where I worked. Now, you guys have to understand something, when I was dating him, he NEVER went out of his way to do anything for me. He never called me, he never hung out with me.. In fact, the only time he would do anything with me is when it was convient for him. I was the girl on the back burner. So anyways, out of the blue he showed up at my work and my work phone number was posted on the door to my office. So he wrote that number down and called me 2 weeks ago at work to see if I wanted to hang out with him. I was like, well I’m busy this week. He was like ok, I’ll call you next week. He hasn’t called me since then. But I don’t get it?? I mean, what does that mean? Why did he suddenly show up out of the blue? Oh and another thing that really boggles my mind.. (He says he is a Christian and he was when I was dating him) but he is living with his girlfriend.?? So I don’t get it? It’s so wierd, it took me forever to forget him and when I did, he pops back into my life. I haven’t and I won’t do anything on my behalf. I just feel so confused.. I mean, now all my old feelings for him are starting to resurface. That’s the last thing I want to happen. I don’t want there to be feelings for something that is not there. If you guys could keep me in prayer.. And if you have any advise, please help me out. Thanks, God Bless

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