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Father, I thank You for Your unending mercy & grace; for Your faithfulness to me while I stand in the gap awaiting Your victory in the battle for Tim’s salvation and the restoration of our relationship. I am still standing, and will continue to stand, until the battle is won or YOU tell me different. I will not quit, Lord, until we see the glory of Your victory manifest. I ask that you build a hedge of thorns around our Tim so that anyone not of You will have no access to him; that they will lose interest and depart. Let everything spoken to Tim from anyone not of You, any sinful thing he enjoys, become bitter as wormwood to him. Please send Your warrior angels and Godly believers to speak to him day and night; in his dreams and in every waking second. Send him signs and wonders of Your love and will for him, Father, until his heart turns from stone to flesh and he turns to You. Chase him with the hounds of Heaven, bring him to his knees with revelation if you must, stagger him with the truth of Your love for him and breathe life into our Tim, Lord, where death exists. Remove all the obstacles, Lord, that are hindering Tim’s deliverance, our relationship and his return to it; PLEASE remove the physical and emotional distance between us. Help me to follow You with courage, patience, and with all my heart. Mold me into the person You want me to be and help me to be the person You need me to be for Tim. Create in me and around me, Father, a sanctuary where he can feel safe; where he can heal, grow strong, and learn to be the Godly man You want him to be. I praise You for the victory, Lord, and I thank You for carrying us through this horrific storm. Thank You, also, Lord, for not letting me give up on believing that You will meet all my other needs regarding family salvation, home, finances, employment and all that You already know of. Thank You, Father, for loving me in spite of my flaws; and for helping me change those flaws into strengths to be used for Your glory and praise. In Jesus’ mighty name, amen.

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