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Hey guys!

As some of you may know i am going to be on TV, on MTV and C4 Channels. The show is going to be realeased early next year. And at this stage we are in the process of getting sponsours, gaining support and filming the episodes!

Basically the show is called: eXposed and im a member of the eXposed crew! This is something that i have been wanting to get invloved with for a long time, so its defently any answer to pray! What happens in the show is the eXposed crew travel around the world and “eXpose” the younger generation for what it really is, and what its like in the different countries. Although its not a christian program its going to be a big step forward. There are currently about 8 Crew Members and i know of at least 2 others that are christians!!!! And this is on a program that has HUGE potential to go HUGE! All over the world, with millions of viewers!

The Offical site is not currerntly up at the moment, due to the company that is creating it are having a few problems. But the temporary forums are up!

What you can do to help, and would be very much appreciated!! is Register at the forums below. Even if you choose not to post (Although would be good if you did, would be awesome to have some christian input… maybe even a christian topic/thread) But at least register, we need all the support we can get. The more people register the more notice it will get from Sponsours, and therefore get the show shown to more of the world.

I think with a show like this, its the perfect way to get to the younger generation especially through a show that relates to me. Other young guys going out and doing things they enjoy. For example: Surfing, snowboarding etc

There are a few other cool points about the site if you register! Lots of prizes going to be up for grabs. Like DJ equipment!!, computer gear, travel trips, band sponsour ship, and lots of other stuff. (Coming up real soon)

http://www.turnip.web.aplus.net/forum/index.php <— REGISTER THERE

Anyway, your help is much much appreciated!

Take care guys and God Bless


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