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OK Fine. I am sooo interested in what all the fine folks that peruse this web-site have to say on this issue that I am going to apologize, although admittedly with some hint of fasciciousness, for expecting the Body at large to be interested in limiting themselves to the context of scripture along with the actual meaning of the word in it’s cultural usage or actual Strong’s definition when forming doctrine. (see previous posts) Regardless, for real, what do you’all think about red heafers and third temples, for example? What about the futuristic interpretation of Daniel’s 70th week? Also interested in feedback about how to decipher the whole wild shoot/vine thing? If someone would like to elaborate on what Paul meant by calling gentiles that were formaly distanced from God but know a part of Israel and placing the emphasis off of national lineage and on the circumscision of the heart, I would be all ears. Somebody that was pretty smart said that God could raise up stones as children of Abraham if he was so inclined. I just can’t seem to line up 1948 and the occupying of their old stomping grounds as a fullfillment of Biblical prophecy, mainly because most of the OT prophecies had an initial fullfillment or their positive fullfillment was predicated on physical Israel turning to God (ie:Jesus). Anyway, somebody jump on this thing and teach me a thing or three about Biblical exigesis and apologetics.

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