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Tonya **

My family and I are in need of prayer. My husband lost his job 2 weeks ago. The company he was working for has shut down. We just sold our home last week. We didn’t think our home would sell so fast. We have to be out of our home by August 16,04. We can’t find anything to rent or buy. We live in a small college town and all the rental property is gone. I do have a job but my paycheck is nothing compare to my husband. My paycheck is enough to make a car payment with a little left over. Another thing we need is a car. When my husband lost his job he lost his company car as well so now we are a one car family with 3 kids.

My husband was suppose to know about a job offer today.This job with a Communcations Company that has sent in a contract to a nearby military base. My husband has been approve with the Communcations job but we are waiting on the military to approve the contract. If they don’t approve by this Friday then they will have to resubmit a new contract and start all over.

Please help us pray.

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