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What an awesome ministry to be doing Lourdes. I work law enforcement in a jail and I know when the ministry comes in they do make a difference in some of our inmates lives. God bless you with this calling.

Father God, I thank You for what You have called this group of people to do, and Lord for them heeding this call. I ask You to be with them during this time. Grant them a hedge of protection around them as they meet with these inmates. Lord they will meet people from all walks and many different charges. Some of these will have extremely hardened hearts Lord. Give them wisdom and discernment in You as they witness for You. Soften the hearts of those they minister that they are able to truly seek Your grace and mercy and most importantly Your saving love. Give all involved peace of heart and soul with the knowledge that it is You that is in charge, You that will provide them with the knowledge and faith needed to bridge the gap with this group of Your children, I claim them for You Lord. In Your name. Amen

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