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I stopped to breath and life ran me over! I struggle daily with my walk with God. I never have an easy day. I lack faith and trust sometiimes. People try and tell me that I am not saved. I confessed my sins and trusted Christ with my soul and I asked him to save me. I did this the best I could. I trusted with what faith I had. I used to doubt all the time about my Salvation. I dont know how many times I just “made sure” and asked to be saved anyway, just in case. I know now that this is wrong and I am standing on His promises, the best I can. Some times I get discouraged the way my life is going and no matter how I pray I cannot find the answer I need. Like why is my life going this way God? No answer, and sometimes it gets worse. When this happens I sometimes turn my back on Him, because I fill like he never hears my prayers anyway. I do this out of anger, and I know that I am wrong. Then I come to my “end of the rope” and I go running back to Him. I confess my sins and here we go. Now people at work are trying to get me fired by saying things about me that are not true, bad things. Anyway, I wish some one would pray for me, please.

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