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My name is Mike, I complete my computer trainning at New Horizons computer learning center in April, as for right now for the beginning of May until today, I had no luck, a lot of temporary agency turned me away since I do not have no office experience, the position I applied for is clerical (typing) and data entry, and a Monday thru Friday job, the good news is that three temporary agency put me on call and try to get my foot in the door to find a clerical and data entry work that need not experience, I’m still applying at every temporary agency I can find, I still have three more to go this week, pray that a job will be available for the position I applied for since I paid a lot of money for the computer school for me to be trained for a job that I really like, my saving account is hitting close to zero and I do not want to live out in the streets, pray hard that a job will come, God Bless You!

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