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Hello everybody,

My name is Carl. I am a 20 years old and i’m a student and bartender in Poland. Half years ago, my good friend – Martin, become a father. Unfortunately, he’s son have a problem with heart-failure. I collect money for treatment and expensive drugs, becaus Martin’s son – Maciek,also have a right to a normal life. Monthly we need a 1200$ to give him a chance to survive. In Poland cost of treatment are very high, so that’s why i’m writing this message. I hope That you can help me and my friend to collect that money. We accept every money from every people. Please, don’t ignore that. You can donate a 5$ and you don’t lose to much. Over that – you can help to save someone life.

Please help Us by donating some dollars of any other money, to account:



66 1140 2004 0000 3402 3501 2034

(pleas add a note – “Maciek Donation”)

Your can save a life…. a child life.

(Send this message to your friends. Thank You)

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