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I have some questions about the future of the Christian faith, and I am hoping to hear some of your thoughts on them. Please reply when you get a chance.

The Christian church has been split into many parts over the last 500 years. These divisions and sects usually begin because someone (the reformer) doesn’t agree with a principle or practice of the sect they are a part of. If this continues, is it not possible that someday there will be a “religion of the individual”?

For example, let’s say John is a Baptist. Through self-examination and church examination, he decides there are certain parts of being a Baptist that he doesn’t agree with. After looking with dissatisfaction at some other sects, he decides to found his own religion. He calls it Individualism. He is the only one who can ever profess this faith because it revolves around his belief of what it means to be Christian and applies directly to his life and circumstances. It wouldn’t apply to anyone else. Nevertheless, he has followers, each of whom begins his/her own religion.

Would this be a good thing or a bad thing? How would it affect Christianity? How would it affect humanity? Does it already exists in some form?

Any and all of you thoughts are welcome. I look forward to our discussion!


The Listener

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