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Okay, the homecoming dance is coming up, and i asked one of my guy friends, but my mom just can’t except that a guy could be JUST a friend!! i tried explaining to her that we’re just friends but she doesn’t trust me!! i have never done anything that would make her feel like she couldn’t trust me! i have never done any drugs, skipped school, i am always home on time and i always have my chores done!! My biological mother made a lot of bad decisions, which is why i no longer visit her! i think my mom (my step mom is my mom, becasue she’s the one that raised me) i think my mom doesn’t trust me because she doesn’t want me to make bad choices like my bio-mom, but i recognize that the decisions she made were bad ones, and was responsible enough to not follow in her foot steps, therefore i think my mom should be okay with me going to the homecoming dance, i’m 17 years old, i think i know what i do and don’t want out of my life, i’m not saying that i don’t want my mom to have any control in my life i just don’t want her to stop me from having just a lil bit of fun!!

Any advice on how to talk to my mother to get her to understand, that’d be great!!

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