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My husband had been taking care of our finances and I recently found out that he has not been making the payments on our home. I worked 10 and 12 hour days at work to get money this past year to pay our home off. My husband had complete control of our money as my check was direct deposit from work into our bank account. I did not have access to the account or the mail that came into our home. My husband and I had a fight and I left him for a couple of weeks and opened a bank account of my own that he doesn’t have access to. I recently found out that he hasn’t paid anything on our home and it now has to be paid in 30 day’s or we will have to get out. I am paying all the bill’s myself now because my husband don’t make enough to pay them, but I don’t know how to come up with this much money this soon. Please pray that Jesus will supply our need’s in this matter and in a way that my husband will know that it came from him. My husband is an athiest and doesn’t believe in the Bible. But I do and always have. I know that Jesus will take care of us, he has always been there for me before. Thank Jesus for being the answer to every Christian’s prayer. My husband and I were only separated for a week or two but I found out that he hadn’t paid any of the bills that needed to be paid. Electric co. car ins. and things.

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