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Donna Reed

hi….some of you know that I have been praying for my best friend for over 16 months now…..Saturday I went down to the beach and poured out my heart to God and asked Him to show me the way…..

I looked down next to me and there were 2 flying insects that were each digging a hole…for some reason they caught my attention and I started watching them….I noticed that even though they were each digging, the sand would slide back into the hole….but they kept right on digging…..then, no lie, I saw that there was a small stone in the way and one of them actually picked it up and moved it….a few minutes later the other one moved a small piece of bark……they didn’t let any obstacles get in their way….

and all of a sudden, I felt like God was telling me, don’t give up….keep praying…..and if the “sand” slides back in, keep on praying…..it was so clear……

I looked around and there were no other insects around me….and I thought it was strange that they would settle right next to a human…..they stayed there the entire time I was there about 45 minutes…..

do you feel I am intrepreting this the correct way??? does God speak thru bugs???? or am I off my rocker??

thanks for your input…..

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